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Aunties online chat free

Hi, We're currently looking for a new carseat for my DD she's going to be 3 in a few months, she's not a huge child she's move average/small.

Now the whole 1,2,3 thing has completely confused me, we went into t'r'u and they clearly state which stage each carseat is and what the age range is for that seat, so that's was okay, but then, we went into m/c, and they do not, the carseats that were on 4 in t'r'u the same kind had no labling on in m/c so we asked someone to explain it for us, now the woman said because shes nearly 3 she will be fine in a car seat without a 5 point harness (is that the right phrase?

The up to 4 year ones have a weight limit of 18kg because the harness will not hold more then that weight in an accident, at 3 my son was 17.2kg so we left him a couple of months then moved him.we just don't have the money to invest in one, and because we have one that should last her until she's 4, it's kinda making it harder to spend more, if we had the money we'd be more than happy to spend as much as we needed to, it's just not possible at the moment, she doesn't go in it a lot, but I don't think my mum would be very happy with that, she paid for the one we have at the moment because we were living with them and it was used mostly in her car, but since then we've moved out and she's bought a new car and wanted a new fancy carseat to go in, also she has a mini and apparntly they wont all fit in (like prams she had to buy herself a new fancy quinny haha) I think if we got desperate she would let us borrow it, but she's a bit strange when it comes to some things.I just thought it would be a lot easier than this to find one.X My 4yo has a 5point harness one and no way I wouldn't use that , it's a grow cars eat that after a stage you take the 5point of and it's still a high back just seatbelt and so on to a booster seat.Xthe woman told us her grandchildren go in a high back booster seat with a seatbelt and they were 3, and my oh and I were really shocked, it just doesn't seem safe to me!

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