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I enjoy being active but also love to laze around in I am a youthful 50 something woman who loves travelling, dining out, cooking, entertaining and so much more.I have two young adult kids who are largely independent, and a dog and a cat. (I can spell, Sofa 'guidelines' don't like the first 4 letters of the 'A' word, & I'm really 'A' about spelling btw) Simple Time for a profile update - and isn´t that always confronting?I also enjoy nights at home watching movies or just relaxing. I am currently living in Victoria and looking [for] new friends.I enjoy sport and love getting out and I would like to introduce myself as an outgoing, confident person who values honesty and integrity.I value communication and enjoying lifes pleasures such as dining out, appreciating art and culture and immersing myself in the joy of artistic expression.

I work in hospitality, accommodation management actually.I hate rude people and road rage i prefer to hang with people Hello, I'm looking for friendship, and ultimately a relationship, where we're each other's cheer squad, where we're not competing with each other, but where we're wanting to enable and elevate the other to be the best they can be, and we can be I prefer that people get to know me over long conversations(perhaps over a long cup of tea at a late night cafe, I "love" sitting in a cafe in the late hours of the night)as opposed to me writing a profile about myself as i find profiles do not always Hi There, Thanks for dropping by. Work in corporate world & Love- a sense of humour; human connection, my greyhound; running, study Likes– a personal challenge – exploring polyamorous relationships, not necessarily one-off encounters but that's okay too. I'm a straight shooter and like 2013- Im a 39 year old, tall, slender build woman, who is self sufficient, caring but a little rough around the edges!! I have a very strong network of friends (such precious women) & family but am always keen I like eating out, movies, gardening, reading, intellectual conversation particularly around social justice issues. My hobbies include motorcycles, music and movies, dancing, cooking, fantasy/sci-fi, dining out with friends and collecting memorabilia.Here are few of my favorite things: Dancing, laughing, movies, reading, diner parties, alot of milo with a small amount of milk, music, holidays of any discription, the breakfast menu on Down to earth & in to music, beer & hanging with friends. I am in one relationship that is not going to change. I like women who are mature, well-adjusted and have a sense of direction in life. I am currently looking for friendship, with a view to being in a Just turned the big 50, and went on the Olivia Australia-New Zealand cruise.I am feminine but have a tomboy nature deep down inside.I´m an engineer, a vegan and love my beautiful animals.

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She is the greatest gift in this Hi, I am from Norway, married to a woman from Australia, and travel to Australia quite frequently.

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