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I really want to work again so I can be self-sufficient.” The plight of the homeless in Bradford has been well documented with many charities and individuals providing both food and shelter.

Several people have also taken it upon themselves to collect clothing.

“When I first came on the street I was offered a room in a hostel but I had to leave after one night.

I used to smoke heroin and have been clean for more than 20 years but there were around 25 guys at the hostel who were all addicts.

Rod Whirity, 51, a truck driver from Lidget Green, has started collecting sleeping bags and warm clothing and has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise more money to buy them.

"I see homeless people and it reminds me that most of us in our warm and cosy homes are only two mortgage payments from being out on the streets ourselves.

I don’t have a problem with alcohol either but a lot at the hostel were heavy drinkers,” he explained. I don’t stay out after 7pm or 8pm at the latest because some people think it’s funny after having a drink at night to go and kick a homeless person in the head or scatter his change across the street. "In general, though, in the short time I’ve been homeless I’ve found people to be kind and friendly and the help the public do to make life easier is welcome.

Ruth Davison, a Bradford solicitor, has taken over the charity as chief executive and as well as provoking thoughts on the issue of rough sleepers is keen to provide information about what services are available in the city which offers support to people on the street.More recently he did occasional casual labouring for a construction company in Bradford.He had been in a relationship for more than 14 years and said he had five children with his ex-girlfriend, but a few weeks ago he left amid relationship problems.This fund will hopefully be able to reach out help to some of them."My wife, Julie, and I decided we were not buying presents for the adults in our families this Christmas but would instead put the money toward sleeping bags for those sleeping on our streets.

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