Good bible study dating couple

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Good bible study dating couple

Rachel absolutely cannot stand by and witness another person's suffering, even if it were at the expense of her love, her future, her destiny! Is Leah the conniving selfish woman she is described as being in the text?The only calculation that seemed to enter her mind was: I cannot allow my sister to be humiliated. How could she have gone through with the wedding, knowing that Yaakov loved her sister?!The following two essays will go back and forth from Leah to Rachel in describing their characters, strengths and weaknesses.

She cries her eyes out, literally, about the potential match between her and Esav, and her name denotes a basic dissatisfaction and weariness with life.

It's easy to see that a woman with these characteristics would not appeal to Yaakov, a man of wholeness and truth, looking to understand the world from all angles, in order to infuse it with holiness and the message of God.

Building a family that would become the Jewish nation would be difficult, if not impossible, with a woman who had such disdain for the physical world and the evil it contains. Yet the information that Leah was "destined" for Esav, reveals a clue to her greatness: Her destiny was to overpower the evil in Esav and transform him, as his wife, into a bastion of goodness. and said to Lavan: “I will work for you for seven years for your younger daughter, Rachel." (Genesis ) Yaakov asked Rachel: “Will you marry me?

It is then that Yaakov is given another name, Yisrael. 211, discusses these points in greater depth.) This explains why, on a spiritual level, Yaakov needed two wives, a situation which the Torah does not normally consider ideal. Rachel – First Impression With Esav threatening to kill him, Yaakov – at the urging of his mother Rivka – travels to her homeland, Charan, to find a wife.

This name represents a spiritual overpowering of the forces of evil, an achievement more associated with the future messianic era – a world of only good, when evil will be wholly banished. When Yaakov first sees Rachel at the well in Charan, he notices a number of things about her: Yaakov sees his mother's family in Rachel.

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He doesn't see her, doesn't get to know her or anything about her.