Heterosexualdating net

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Heterosexualdating net

Also, having a past negative orientation was associated with more perceived stress which was associated to poorer behavioral self-control which in turn was associated with less relationship satisfaction.Results are discussed in light of some gender specific patterns and practical implications for working with couples under stress.37th STAR Conference "Stress and Anxiety in a Changing Society" Book of Abstracts / Lauri Korajlija, Anita ; Begić, Dražen ; Jurin, Tanja (ur.).- Zagreb : Filozofski fakultet Zagreb i Medicinska naklada , 2016. Stress seems to lower our relationship satisfaction, regardless of whether it comes from the relationship or spills over from outside sources.

Commitment promotes relationship longevity by motivating people to see, think, and act in ways that help sustain a relationship.

The researchers concluded that the daters were not sufficiently committed to withstand the stronger threat.

In contrast, married people high in commitment dismissed the highly threatening attractive person as unappealing.

Furthermore, past negative TP predicted lower, and future TP predicted higher relationship satisfaction.

Present fatalism did not seem to play a significant role.

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Deliberation makes people more realistic in their assessments of their relationship prospects.

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