Twin cities dating single professional

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Twin cities dating single professional

Ballots must be received by Cal PERS by December 11.

PECG has endorsed Michael Bilbrey for this important Cal PERS Board position.

Last Friday, November 10, Cal PERS mailed a ballot package to Cal PERS members.

Governor Brown has declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Diego Counties.——————————————————————- Six of the thirteen members of the Cal PERS Board of Administration are periodically elected by state and local agency employees and retirees.Two of those seats, called Member-at-Large seats because they are elected by everyone in the system (active and retired), were up for election this year.While the decision will technically only apply to Bargaining Unit employees covered by the contract, if the arbitrator’s decision is favorable, PECG will seek to have the state increase its contribution for PECG-represented Supervisors and Managers as well.The arbitrator’s ruling may not come until after the first of the year, but that timing will not affect the financial reimbursement to PECG members if the ruling is favorable.

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This is not because rates have gone up – they haven’t – but every five years, premiums increase slightly based on age.

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